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The benefits of essential oils

The pandemic has brought its share of troubles and many have seen problems appear in their daily lives that were previously unknown to them. Did you know that essential oils can treat many physical and mental illnesses? The various benefits of essential oils are approved by science and many hospitals are really starting to take an interest in them.

Eucalyptus essential oil 

Eucalyptus oil relieves coughs and helps cure colds and flu as well as bronchitis, pneumonia, sinusitis, nasopharyngitis, etc. Simply apply the oil to the local area of your temples and sinuses or to your chest and neck. For a diffuser, the recommended amount is five drops and one drop for oral use. That's not all. This oil is perfect for treating acne in oily and combination skin by reducing your sebum production and decreasing the size of your sebaceous glands. Simply add a drop to your day cream. Eucalyptus oil is also used to alleviate muscle and joint pain by local application on the sore area. Eucalyptus also has anti-allergic and anti-diabetic properties.

The essential oil of lavender

Lavender oil promotes healing and regeneration of the skin by accentuating the nutrition of your tissues and improving your circulatory activity. Simply apply one to five drops diluted in a small amount of vegetable oil to the affected areas. In addition to being used to relieve burns, sunburns and eczema, lavender is also an excellent analgesic. Indeed, it is a very good remedy for headaches/migraines, cramps and contractures. By using a diffuser or putting a few drops on a handkerchief, lavender can also greatly reduce anxiety, insomnia, irritability, palpitations and high blood pressure. 

Grapefruit essential oil

Grapefruit essential oil has a wide variety of benefits depending on the method of application chosen. The cutaneous application will reduce acne, oily skin and hair loss. In addition to smelling like heaven, this oil has many digestive benefits. Dilute it in vegetable oil and massage your stomach and the soles of your feet, or put a few drops in your bath, and you will see that your bloating, nausea or lack of appetite will disappear. Indeed, grapefruit essential oil will solve your digestion problems by decreasing your water retention and by considerably improving your blood circulation. Always diluting it in a neutral base, this oil offers a panoply of additional benefits if put in your bath such as a great reduction of your cellulite, your fatigue and your muscular stiffness. When grapefruit oil is diffused in the air, it reduces anxiety, depression and mood swings while improving your concentration. If you are taking certain medications on a regular basis, it is important to ask your doctor's advice before use. 

Go ahead, don't be afraid to mix these three oils together to enhance their benefits!

Please note that essential oils should not be used by pregnant women and newborns until advised by a doctor.


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