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Living in an eco-responsible environment

Living in an eco-friendly environment doesn't have to be complicated!

We don't need to tell you again how making consciously eco-friendly choices is crucial to the health of our planet. However, living in a fast-paced consumer world where cheaper and more simplistic alternatives are available to everyone, it can be easy to opt for less environmentally friendly options.

That's why we want to step in and show you that it is possible to live in a greener world in a simple and effective way with these 4 tips:

#1: Give your products a second life

Why throw away when we can recycle? Many products can have a second use, it just takes a little creativity! For example, the glass containers that hold our soy candles can be easily washed and used as a small makeup remover jar. You can also use them as a glass or coffee cup!


#1: Opt for reusable bags

Did you know that a plastic bag takes only one second to make, but between 100 and 400 years to biodegrade in nature? (1) Since they are made of petroleum, they are very harmful to our environment and are slowly destroying the ocean floor. If you ABSOLUTELY have to take a plastic bag, just wash it and reuse it later.

Plus, reusable bags are so much more aesthetically pleasing!

Sacs de chez : boutiquelocale 

#2: Buy in bulk

The famous BulkBarn is not just for candy! Buying in bulk is great for the environment because less packaging means less waste. It's as easy as pie! Plus, it's an economical way to buy exactly the amount of food you want, which also reduces food waste!

#3: Shop at thrift stores

In addition to having a totally unique style and being sure not to run into someone with the same outfit as you on the street, buying second hand also has its ecological benefits! Going thrift shopping helps reduce the pollution created by not only the creation of the clothes, but also by the transportation which emits a lot of CO2 into the atmosphere.

See how simple it can be to reduce your ecological footprint? These 3 tips are just a few options among many others to help our planet have a better future. Every gesture counts!


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